About Us

In 2006 we set out on a mission to empower ourselves with information for a healthier natural lifestyle.

We did simple things like reading labels and becoming more acutely aware of what was actually in the personal care products and other household products we would buy each and every month.

We would write down some of the items on those labels and do searches on the Internet to learn what they actually were.

At one point we read that if we can’t pronounce a word on a label, it should raise a red flag and maybe something we should not be using on our bodies or in or homes. At the very least, it should warrant further research.

We felt that anything we could do for ourselves to help reduce our daily exposure to chemicals/toxins, could only help us.

It is amazing how much healthier our lives have become by doing some simple things and empowering ourselves with safe, effective natural alternatives. We invite/encourage you to empower yourselves to do the same.

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